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 Sophia Peck


Ascension guide,

 Healer for the healers.

 Midwife for the soul.


I work with those who have a calling

to connect to that growing sense of awareness,

that beyond struggle and the mundane

there is a life of magic just waiting to be discovered.

Sensitives and Visionaries of the world.

Star-seeds, Lightworkers, Walk-ins,


Clearing the matrix as you liberate yourself from the past and embody and embrace freedom to be your authentic self,

loving who you are and loving your life.


 My services will assist you in this process as I offer a safe place for you to discover your light.


I am here to empower you allowing graceful flow into your life.


I facilitate full healing across the spectrum of mind, body, and soul 


​This is not about fixing something that is wrong. It is about releasing that which no longer serves you.

In the process you will be expanding your consciousness and awareness while gaining clarity on your higher purpose and learning how to embody your true essence.


I use many healing tools to facilitate this process.

The three main ones that I have found most effective are :-

  • Soul Contract Readings give clarity and gives you your soul's plan. Why you are here and what your divine purpose is for this lifetime.

  • Divine Healing Master Key creates a sense of freedom as layer by layer you clear all the restrictions and programs that have impeded your progress to be yourself, facilitating the clearing of obstacles in your life that you have learnt or inherited. Programs that tend to sabotage your best made plans.

  • Light Body Clearings and Activations, creating a stronger connection to your Soul. In these specialised sessions I will be working at a very deep quantum level to activate and clear your lightbody which creates a stronger connection to your Unified, Divine Self and to all your benevolent guides and teams in the higher realms here to assist you.


Life is expressing itself through you.

It is not something happening to you.

You get to choose what brings you joy.

This is your life.

It is that simple until we realise that the path to achieve your dreams

is often made complicated by our own doubts and fears,

as well as the restrictions we have had imprinted on us by society, our family, and friends.




Soul Spectrum Healing

is for anyone looking to expand

beyond their current situation

while creating a deeper connection to 

all aspects of themselves

and life.


Soul Spectrum Healing offers a bridge for you

as you reach the stage of embodiment which is where many people get stuck.

The services I offer allow you to move gracefully

from the head to the heart

allowing a full integration and harmonising of body,mind and spirit


"Destiny is granted with compassion.

There is a time to prepare for knowledge.

A time to receive it.

A time to live it."     

Sufi Teaching

​​This is powerful work, if you choose to work with me I intend that you will expand consciousness, align with your soul's destiny and truly believe in yourself. I hold space for this transformation and I will fully support you in the best way I can.


In an uncertain world I believe being on a conscious path of growth

where you deeply connect to your souls' guidance

is the safest place to be.  


Ultimately this is about self empowerment, so it requires a commitment from you to reveal what lies hidden within you waiting to be revealed.

Even if your dreams may seem impossible for you at this time,

just know you do not have to be perfect to activate your souls potential for this lifetime.


All it takes is a willingness to follow your heart.


If you have a desire to release all the blocks holding you back.

Feel you would benefit from clarity and support,

to allow your life to unfold in the most graceful way possible.

Let's connect so we can start the magic of the embodiment of your highest calling for this life.

This is the path of ascension.

Hand Touching Water
Wellness Coach

Light Body

Lightbody integration and clearing sessions create very powerful shifts in consciousness.


These sessions allow a much smoother graceful pathway for your organic ascension process as it upgrades the physical body so you very easily receive more light. 

Your Soul Contract

Did you know that before you incarnated your soul created a blueprint for your life called a Soul Contract?


This creates a roadmap to help you acheive your life of fulfillment and purpose. It lets you see that there is a divine plan waiting to be activated and divine intelligence at play. 

Divine Healing

A Divine Healing session enables  the clearing of core patterns of limitation which allows greater flow and freedom of expression in your life.This is holistic healing which will identify and free you from the limitations you have aquired over many lifetimes in the most graceful, easy way possible.



Karen Sophia Peck is a highly evolved being and a talented healer.  She creates a safe space that allows for deep surrender and risk taking.  She has a healing team of advanced beings and spirit guides who help her to achieve amazing outcomes.  She tunes into Divine Guidance which leads to amazing healing results.  For me, she released trauma in my lungs caused by the grief of losing everyone that I cared about early in my life.  My lungs lit up with light as the pain released.  You are not likely to find a more talented healer than Karen.  She has unique abilities.  I was blessed to have a chance to work with her.

Shalomar USA

As above so below.
As within so without
This is an inner discovery to create a joyful reunion with your multidimensional self, your wisdom and soul essence.
It is for those of you who wish a graceful and easy expansion into higher levels of consciousness and compassion,but need c
larity on your purpose and a little help to free
yourself from the restrictions of the past.
My purpose is to serve and assist souls to re-connect to their deepest soul wisdom which will allow access to a peaceful, harmonious, joyful life while living their life's highest potential.



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