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 Light Body Activations


This work opens the DNA to accept more Light.

The initial six light body sessions upgrades a person's energy system

so they are much more easily able to download information from the higher realms.

It opens the individual to a greater connection to their Higher Self.

It allows one to align to a much more graceful flow in life.

It can greatly accelerate your spiritual growth.


We are entering a time in human evolution where light is infusing into the physical. This process of alchemy where light and matter are now blending into a stable physical form is a process of evolution whose time has come. We are evolving into luminous beings who can hold this light while retaining our physicality, who are able to access all the codes held within the light to bring an expanded awareness to body,heart and mind,enabling new ways of being while still retaining the ability to be in the body.


Your light body is a sacred grid work of light that sits in and around the physical body. It is your connection to your spiritual self in the higher realms and your connection to Divine Spirit / All That Is. It is unique to you and contains codes and colour sounds and light which hold the essence of your soul. It sits in and around your physical body and holds the template for you to return to your true nature.

This work is for you if you would like to  :-

  • Experience a smoother pathway on your path of ascension

  • Raise the ceiling on your consciousness to allow for more expanded awareness and so feel more connected to your inner wisdom and higher guidance.

  • Feel a deeper connection to God/ The Divine Creator.

  • Find inner peace.

  • Clear many unexplained physical symptoms which are classed as ascension symptoms.

  • Remember who you are and align to your Soul's Destiny.

  • Release vows your soul agreed to carry into this lifetime to help you play the game of separation and deflect you from knowing the truth of who you are.

  • If you have experienced a walk-in, to align to your new lightbody, which holds the walk-in's soul expression,for smoother integration.


The six primary sessions are:-​


​Session one

In this session you will re- align your physical body to co-operate  with your spiritual signature with a body consciousness realignment




Session two

In this session you will break vows and clear nephillim influence, by de-activating your contract which is designed to keep you unconscious and feeling dis-connected to Source with a nephillim soul realignment 



Session three

In this session etheric crystals held in your fields will be removed and divinity thresholds in the lower part of the body will be removed. These etheric crystals and divinity thresholds all act as circuit breakers to stop the light activating your lightbody.



Session Four.

In this session astral devices, structures, and programming held in the energy field will be cleared and removed. Your soul agreed to hold these astral devices place in order to fully participate in the rules of the third dimension. 




Session Five

Now your energy has been cleared of all interference to expressing your light you are able to receive a Higher Light integration and repair. Your beautiful light body which  holds the light of your soul is often overloaded and frazzled from all the cosmic light that has been coming into Earth. In this session the repairs can be likened to repairing and replacing faulty damaged wiring in an old house, to allow more powerful frequencies of light to come in.​​




Session six

 In this session you will receive activations of your latent gifts and talents that are ready to come online This will align you to your Divine Self and your inner guidance.



After the initial 6 sessions you will notice you feel more aligned to spirit as these sessions create the space for more of your soul’s light to embody into physical form. For some the effects are immediate as you expand your spiritual insight and intuition. For others the results will develop over time. The results will always be influenced by your soul contract for this lifetime.These sessions will activate your connection to your Divine Self and speed up your process to the Light, which will help you align to your ascension pathway very gracefully and easily.

Each session takes up to two hours.

Cost £80 per hour.

To be paid in advance. 

All sessions take place on  zoom  which allows me to connect across all time zones.

All energy healings and transmissions transcend time and space so all you need to do is be open to receive.

Once these sessions have been completed I offer advanced techniques to assist you on your path of ascension amd evolution. 


I understand if you are new to some of these concepts you may have more questions so if you feel you would like more information please contact me  and we can arrange a time for a chat to see if this work is for you.

My experience doing light body sessions with Karen was amazing. In one sense, it was very subtle and low key and the next very expansive. Karen's love and compassion exudes throughout each session to help explain the work she is doing as well as encourage you where you need it. Since my sessions with Karen, I have increased my confidence and released many fears as I have started to open up more to my gifts and talents. I LOVED my sessions with Karen and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Vicki  United States

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